The Keepers of Darkshroud

All the old gods died in the War of the Heavens three thousand years ago. Only the racial gods escaped destruction, surviving by their ties to mere mortals. These are the Keepers, as the newer gods are called now, those who keep aspects of the multiverse running as they should.


Death Nenet The Keeper of death, Nenet, is a lawful neutral god. Titles: The Last Keeper, the Knowing One. It is he who judges a spirit before sending it to the appropriate resting place. Neither benign nor malign, Nenet sees all spirits as a measure of their deeds. He governs the power of ancestors, and of memory, as well as necromancy. His followers are usually either neutral or evil wizards, and often those with a strong link to death or a worship of their ancestors. During the War of Heavens, Nenet stayed mostly in the background, gaining great power as the death toll rose and secrets of magic were revealed. Domains: Death, Law, Knowledge, Time. Favored weapon: a scythe.

Life Essalia The Keeper of life, Essalia, is a neutral good goddess. Titles: The Grower, The Mother of All. She is the creator and protector of all things, and is the goddess of a good harvest. She wishes for harmony among all of her creations and a strong defense against those who would create war. Farmers often pray to Essalia. By worshiping her, the followers of Essalia hope to lead peaceful, happy lives and spread that happiness to all. During the War of Heavens, Essalia strove to bring peace and keep the death from spreading too much to the Material plane. Domains: Good, Protection, Healing. Favored weapon: a scythe.

Anger Gorash The Keeper of anger and hatred, Gorash, is a chaotic evil god. Titles: The Spirit of War. Gorash loves the freedom that comes with hatred and the blind slaughter of innocents. His followers are usually barbarians, evil fighters or rogues, who often use his name as the rallying cry for a criminal guild. In savage lands, all manner of evil beasts may fall prey to his alluring blind rage. Gorash was a great force in the circumstances that brought on the War of Heavens, and gained great power as hatred grew and bloodshed spread. Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War. Favored Weapon: a greataxe.

Love Nimusel The Keeper of Love, Nimusel, is a chaotic neutral goddess. Her titles include: The Free One, The Laughing Goddess. Nimusel loves poetry, midnight rendevous, and both free love as well as powerful, long-lasting love. She is unpredictable: Nimusel can be a trickster, delighting in games and pranks, or a strong force for the good in the lives of her followers. She hates the narrow-mindedness of being lawful or of defining onself as anything, because this shuts out love from those who are different. She is unafraid to get such things out of the way should they stand in the way of love. Those who worship Nimusel are usually either young lovers trying to find the way into another’s heart, or old couples who have found their love to be the only guiding force of their existence. During the War of Heavens, Nimusel alternately played the role of instigator and survivalist. Domains: Trickery, Luck, Chaos. Favored weapon: rapier.

Pain Ayen The Keeper of pain, Ayen, is a lawful evil goddess. Titles: The Patient One, Source of Tears. Ayen delights in pain, no matter what form it comes in, both mental and physical. She expects her followers to share pain in great quantities with all those they come into contact with. Ayen would gladly wait ten thousand years to bring her horrible plans into fruition. The followers of Ayen include evil monks, fighters, and fallen clerics and paladins. Ayen delighted in the War of Heavens and saw it coming a long way off, rising to the level of a true Keeper only through the incredible pain of loss at Tyun’s desruction, a male entity whom she had loved. Domains: Law, Evil, Destruction, War. Favored weapon: a spiked chain.

Justice Nasha Nasha, the Keeper of Justice, is a lawful neutral goddess. Titles: Grand Judge of the Keepers, Queen of the Scales, The Implacable One, Protectress of Civilization. Nasha is keeper of the law for all living things, and only hands the scepter of judgement over to her brother Nenet, after the death of her subjects. Once a matter is turned over to her, Nasha’s decisions are usually considered final. However, if they are contested, Nasha is unafraid to back up her judgements with strong force, relying on her vast knowledge and perceptive powers to support her decisions. Nasha is widely worshiped all throughout the western lands of Kynnia. Nasha’s followers include most of the citizens in her material kingdom, covering a wide spread of believers. During the War of Heavens, Nasha was tossed to the bottom of the supposedly bottomless Abyss, then fought her way up to the surface of the Material Plane. She then founded the kingdom that bears her name. Domains: Law, Protection, Knowledge, Strength. Favored weapon: the longsword.

Willpower Eldienn The Keeper of willpower and its expression on the face of reality, Eldienn is a neutral god. Titles: King of the Keepers. He guides those who desire power, either power over oneself or power over others. This guidance extends to altering the meaning of reality through magic, as well as commanding the myriad creatures that have sprung from Essalia. Many wizards and monks follow Eldienn, as well as many leaders and rulers. His followers hope to gain great power by following Eldienn. During the War of Heavens, Eldienn commanded vast armies of celestial troops, and still retains a great following today. Domains: Animal, Plant, Magic. Favored weapon: a mace.

Elements Allefaw The Keeper of the four elements, Allefaw, is a lawful neutral goddess. Titles: the Divider, the Definer. It is she who keeps everything in its place, and governs their separation. She is worshiped by spellcasters who specialize in an element, as well as those living in an Elemental Plane. Her agenda is a simple one, consisting of restraining those who would tear holes in the acceptable fabric of reality. During the War of Heavens, Allefaw salvaged what she could of the realities that were being to shreds by the battle, while at the same time trying to advance her power in order to keep control of the elements. Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Law. Favored weapon: a double-bladed sword.

Time Miduli The Keeper of time, Miduli, is a lawful good god. Titles: the Ancient one, the Lord of Day and Night, Lord of Second Chances. It is he who governs the passage of time as well as its bendings. Travellers often pray to Miduli, wishing for a speedy passage, as well as builders, who want their work to stand for many years. Also, those who have made a mistake and wish to correct it often pray to Miduli. Miduli is the keeper of distance and the speed it takes to get from place to place, and while he keeps the balance of time on an even keel in his calculations, he is unafraid to bend it to his will when circumstances demand it. During the War of Heavens, Miduli strove to end the war quickly, so that no more of his calculations (some of which keep us from aging too quickly!) would be disrupted. Domains: Time, Law, Good, Travel, Luck. Favored weapon: Bolas.

Skies Ghana The goddess of the sky, Ghana, is chaotic good. Titles: the Everchanging, Mistress Luck, the Rebel Goddess. She is benign, but only so long as she feels like it. Her agenda is at times unclear even to her followers, but basically promotes freedom over restrictive laws. It is said that her moods are reflected in the sky, which can be everything from angry to peaceful. Farmers often hedge their bets by praying to Ghana as well as Essalia. After all, Ghana governs the rain and the wind, and is a fickle mistress. She is also worshiped by good fighters and rogues, who need luck on their sides every day. During the War of Heavens, Ghana created vast storms that brought destruction to both sides. Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck. Favored weapon: Falchion.

Corellan Larethian Keeper of Elves

Garl Glittergold Keeper of Gnomes

Moradin Keeper of Dwarves

Yondalla Keeper of Halflings

*Time Domain Deities: Miduli Special ability: A cleric who chooses the Time domain ages well, taking only half penalties for aging, and lives to the maximum number of years alotted to his race. 1. True Strike 2. Augury 3. Haste/Slow 4. Mnemonic Enhancer 5. Permanency 6. Contingency 7. Simulacrum 8. Temporal Stasis 9. Time Stop

Some Minor deities

Truth Veira

Freedom Beyonel

Walls Noln

Gates Ungolad

Joy Callay Callay, the Keeper of joy, is a chaotic good goddess.

Strength Gogan

Senses Shata

Knowledge Losuil

The Keepers of Darkshroud

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