The Raveneyes Gang

The Raveneyes Gang


Capital: 10, for 2 days running (need 8 more days to increase scale)

Violence: 1 Espionage: 2 Negotiation: 1 Symbol: a black raven Type: Thieves Guild (social) Originally founded by the Raveneyes Halflings, a former noble Halfling family put out of power by Skal IV Purpose: To depose Skal IV. Social affiliation Leader: Neenan Raveneyes (Currently in hiding) Second in command: Telna Raveneyes Secrets: Password for knowing another member: “How far is the next town?” Response: “Not far, as the Raven sees it.”

Affiliation score criteria: be opposed to Skal IV, have combat or thieving ability, and keep a low profile. Positive Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier Expertise and Power ½ PC’s Level Rogue +2 Complete a mission specifically assigned by the Raveneyes Gang +2 Steal or cheat Skal IV out of at least 10,000 GP (or equivalent in items), and donate proceeds to the Raveneyes Gang +1 Damage rival gang +1 Significantly humiliate Skal IV or someone directly affiliated with him +2 Significantly weaken Skal IV, such as razing a stronghold of his or killing a significant noble +8

Negative Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier Compromise secrecy of Raveneyes Gang -4 Known to have dealings with member of opposing organization -2 for Goldfangs -20 for Skal IV

Benefits and duties Affiliation Score Title: benefits and Duties 4-10 Novice: You may eat meals at the hideout. You’re being watched to gauge your usefulness, so your duty is to watch yourself! 11-16 Thug: You gain an income of 100 gp a month. Also, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Spot and Listen checks within Skaladan to detect enemies of your guild. You may be requisitioned at any time to launch attacks against enemies of the Raveneyes. Furthermore, if the Blackbloods or Skal’s army realizes your affiliation, they have a hostile reaction. -10 to Diplomacy in such situations. 17-23 Courier: +2 bonus to Gather information checks within Skaladan or pertaining to it. May also requisition a 1st-level scroll or potion per week. However, law enforcement knows who you are. When they see you and their Spot check exceeds your Disguise check, they attempt to kill or capture you. 24-29 Doorkeeper: purchase spellcasting or other favors from members of the Raveneyes at 1/2 standard price or sometimes free. May send Couriers to purchase items for you. Your duties include spending time guarding the door of the hideout, but also you must either net 100 GP per week or kill an enemy for the Raveneyes. Otherwise reduce your affiliation score by 1. 30 or above Raven: may use executive powers. Your name inspires fear in those opposed to you. You get a +2 bonus on attack rolls against enemies opposed to the Raveneyes. However, your duties increase: you must procure 3,000 GP per week for the Raveneyes, or recruit at least 3 new members per week, or destroy at least 3 enemies of the Raveneyes per week.

Executive powers: Assassinate, Pariah, Plunder, Shadow War

The Raveneyes Gang

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